Transmission Tips

Transmission Tips

A worn automatic transmission will lag when you attempt to accelerate. This lag response is a sure sign that your transmission is having problems. If your car does not move at all when you press the gas pedal, this is a sign of automatic transmission slippage.

Automatic transmission slippage happens when the transmission moves in and out of gear unnecessarily. If your transmission spins uncontrollably without producing any forward movement, it is definitely time you bring us the car or you call ASAP.

If you smell burned transmission fluid, your transmission could be failing. The sooner you get this into the shop the better. The longer you wait could cause further damage, and cost you more money. Your transmission fluid might need to be changed, but in some cases of burned transmission fluid, a more extensive auto repair issue may be the problem.

Never let your transmission problems be ignored. If you need help or someone to talk to, we are a simple phone call away, 303-693-1400.

For more transmission advice, call Kimmer Transmission & Gear 303-693-1400.