Check your tires often…

Check your tires often…

Although we deal only with transmissions in the Denver metro area, we also recommend you always maintain your vehical at all times this way you prolong your cars life. This week we'll be discussing maintaining proper inflation in your tires. There is a chance you need some some maintenance from the winter months. It's crucial for getting the most out of your tires, both in long mileage and a comfortable ride.

Air pressure is measured in psi (pounds per square inch) and should be adjusted when the tires are "cold", which means check it early in the morning or after the vehicle has been sitting for at least 3 hours. If you need to adjust for a "warm" tire, simply add 2-4 psi to the vehicle manufacturer's recommended cold inflation pressure, and check the cold inflation pressure at your earliest convenience. Even a perfectly healthy tire loses 1-2 psi per month, so it's important to check your pressures often.

Since we live in Colorado, we deal with four seasons of weather this means your tires are consistently dealing with fluctuations of the weather which could cause your tires to lose and increase PSI often. When your tires get hot the PSI is likely to inflate the tire. Not only will this cause wear in your tires faster, but it'll also cause other stresses on your vehicle.

Get your tire repaired at the first sign of a leak or nailhole puncture. Remember, running your tires underinflated also means that you are overloading them, which can do permanent damage.

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