Best Questions to Ask an Auto Repair Shop

Best Questions to Ask an Auto Repair Shop

When you need your car to be repaired, one of the most important things you can do is find a shop to fix your problem right the first time for an affordable price. This can be a steep request these days with unscrupulous repair shops trying to get your money. However, when you know the best questions to ask an auto repair shop, you can save yourself a headache and find the best company the first time around.

Are your technicians trained?
Never choose a Denver auto repair shop that does not hire personnel with experience. While everyone requires a level of training before they can gain proper know-how, the core staff should be comprised of experienced people. To give you an idea of what level of experience to look for, ask if the core staff members have been doing car repair for 15 years or more.

Does your auto repair shop offer extended warranties on the services they perform?
The answer to this question should determine whether you do business with that particular Denver auto repair shop or not. It does not do you much good if you can drive your car away from the repair shop only to face a duplicate problem a week later. Shoddy work should never be accepted from an auto repair shop.

Will I need to make an appointment?
This question is more for your own understanding of how the company does business. If you expect to be able to drop off your car any time you like, only to find that they take cars by appointment only, you will have an extra frustration added to your day. Even if appointments are not required, setting one up with the auto repair shop will increase your chances that you will get your car back the very same day. Otherwise, your car may have to "wait in line" behind those that were brought in first.

What are the arrangements for transportation?
The worst part about having to fix your car is that you get stuck at the auto repair shop all afternoon or longer—unless, of course, the company offers a shuttle service for your convenience. The best Denver auto repair shop will provide you with a way back home or to work and a ride back to the shop when you car is fixed. Therefore, you should ask this question before you book your repair with one shop or another.

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