When Should I Have My Transmission Serviced

When Should I Have My Transmission Serviced
Warning Signs to Watch For

In any automobile, it’s recommended to take it in for regular checkups by a mechanic just to be sure that everything is operating smoothly. One of the most important parts that they will look at is the transmission, which transfers energy from the engine to the wheels. There are a few warning signs, however, that can also indicate that it is time for you to think about when should I have my transmission serviced. These may fall outside the dates of your regular repairs.

Every so often, it’s a good idea to take your dip stick and measure how much oil is in your engine. If this level is low, then your transmission may not have enough lubrication to operate properly, and you should go in for service. Another warning sign would be if your oil smells like it is burning, or if the color is a brown that is out of the ordinary. These are signs that the oil has gone bad and the transmission will be in danger of slipping. If you have any of these types of signs present, it’s a good indication that you should think about when should I have my transmission serviced, and take care of it sooner rather than later.

Lubrication is only one of the major factors that you should think about when you are noting when should I have my transmission serviced. Simple wear and tear on the car can take its toll on the transmission. If you have recently taken a long drive or road trip, you might want to take in the automobile for a tune up. This is also true before you undertake this type of long drive, because it’s better to check on your transmission and have it serviced if necessary ahead of time.

There are a few other warning signs that could alert you to the need for transmission repair. For example, if the car is bucking or jerking around, you definitely need to have it taken in for servicing. However, there is no exact time frame that suits all vehicles. Rather, the intervals in between transmission repair will depend on a variety of factors, including the make and model of your vehicle, and how frequently you drive it. To be safe, keep a close eye on your oil for any changes and then take it into a professional if anything seems to be different over time.

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