Colorado Transmission Care Advice

Colorado Transmission Care Advice

If your having problems, you’re better to not wait long, from a standpoint of Economy and Safety, that type of decision-making simply does not make good sense!

Since we live in Colorado many will use their 4×4. We recommend not rocking your vehicle back and forth whenever you are stuck in mud, sand or snow. This may cause your transmission to operate in excess of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. At that high of an operating temperature, you are most certainly in for an immediate transmission failure.

Don’t overload the vehicle. Heavy loads will also cause overheating and greatly reduce your transmission life.

Don’t forget that early diagnosis and repair are your best bet. This leads to minimal operating costs and a long safe, useful service for your vehicle. Left unattended, even the smallest of malfunctions can and usually does, lead to serious major repairs.

Don’t drive a vehicle with low or no transmission fluid. Always you remember to check your transmission fluid every couple of months.

Don’t spin tires on turns with front wheel drive vehicle’s.

Don’t drive your vehicle when there are transmission problems, this may cause further damage.

Don’t drag race your vehicle as it puts unnecessary strain on your transmission.

Don’t drive in 4×4 range on dry pavement unless vehicle is all wheel drive or automatic 4×4.

Don’t drive on spare tires or mismatched tire sizes with front wheel or all wheel drive vehicles for extended periods of time

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